You enter a cavern that seems to be as tall as the mountain itself. In front of you an elaborate bridge spans a crevice that appears to make an island in the middle of the cavern on which sits the city of the dwarves. The buildings are all carved with murals and ornate drawings. Rising above you in the center of the island is an immense Temple to the gods of dwarves, with walls of alabaster and a dome of gold and platinum atop them, from the top of the temple smoke billows up towards the top of the cavern. As your eyes follow the smoke you notice the light coming from a star sapphire the size of a wagon. More civilians flee towards the other side around you. You look back again over your shoulder and you remember that this wonder of a city is under attack, and realize how sad it is that the first time outsiders are allowed into the city is on such a bad occasion, gathering your wits you start crossing the bridge with the others you can look up and down and see nothing but amazement. There are stairs going in almost every direction and you wonder where they might go. The people around you keep following the dwarven guards when you see that orcs are pouring in from every entrance you see a small group of orcs moves to cut off the fleeing people. The guards move to defend the fleeing people but are sorely outnumbered and may need aid.

The Fall of Tarazun